Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Time & Money Well Spent"

"Time & Money Well Spent"

Today I turned 52/yrs of age and I texted my youngest saying that with 30/yrs of knowledge I have over him & the 19 & 20/yrs I have over his brother and sister respectively please allow me to pass on to them only what I've learned or seen to possibly be used as a road map of what pot-holes to avoid, and what pit-stops to definitely never ever under any circumstances take!  So I shared with them that what I've learned in all that time through both education and time spent with others in counseling and or with marketing clients is that the two most valuable assets they-heck anyone needs to protect, or guard and use most wisely are their Time which once spent can never, ever be replaced, and the other is their Money which if spent unwisely or foolishly will when you need both due to whatever circumstances that come about out of your control show up and dictate that "oh today you need a lot of one or both of them, oh for sure you'll - I guarantee you will trade everything and I do mean everything you have for these too most precious and valuable non-replaceable commodities- Time & Money!"

So the lesson today in being Nit2Win(Your Life) is to use the time that you have as though tomorrow you will not get anymore of.  See the thing about Time & Money is that you need a lot of time in order to get money when done legally and properly, it will not come overnight in the quantity that most people want it.  What I find ironic is that by the time most people leave the planet if they live to say 75/yrs of age they would've at a very modestly earned income of say $35,000USD beginning at age 30/yrs reaped prior to taxes a gross of $1,575,000 now that's not a lot of money because you've had living expenses and taxes taken from this money and most will probably have children in this time frame so more money will be taken from this amount- so if you want more money then this, you know you'll have to do more, be more disciplined, delay some personal gratifications, be more responsible with what you earn so as to use it to invest in the more that you want.  Or learn how to multiply with the Talents you have a measure of your money to increase that above figure to yield you more.  It's not rocket science to get more you're going to have to spend some of what you have, you know to eat some eggs you gotta crack them! 

But conversely what you do have that doesn't get taxed is your time that all people hold equally, 24/7 hrs/days we all have the same, and we all have and can utilize effectively 16 of those waking hours everyday of the week if we so choose to do so.  See one mans success is a sign that you too can do the same with your God/Creator given gifts and talents.  Why do I believe this because it states in His Human Hand Book/Manual- The Bible *1) "That God is no respecter/shows favoritism of/for people/persons"; therefore what is possible with one is also possible with another if you 1st. Believe in yourself and your ideas, 2. Will even in the face of the nae-Sayers continue to move forward in the direction of your Dreams ("Dare 2-Realize Every Achievable Moment"), and 3. Stay Focused enthusiastically regarding your Talents understanding that with Billions of people on the planet surely there is someone by which your talent can benefit by enabling them to have a better quality of life lived in the time frame that your gift and talent empowered them.  See your task is to find out what  you're talented with and as I mentioned in my first conversation with you it's the thing you've probably always taken for granted as just something you do, but in fact it's the main thing that if you really give it a spit-shine polish oh it will shine for you most radiantly! and allow you to be in your zone.

Our lives don't have to be difficult, it usually is because we're doing things we weren't wired to do, we do things that innately we abhor doing but go along with because either everyone else is doing it or we don't want to seem different.  Well news flash we are all uniquely wired for different tasks although similarly made.  Just because there are chairs don't mean that your chair/you and what yours looks like won't be appreciated by someone or a group or masses for what that chair means or represents to them.  Remember there are Billions on the planet and everyone can't be everywhere for everyone with the same thing- everyone can't be Carpenters, Bankers, Bakers, Hairdressers, Engineers, Doctors, Priests, Pastors, Singers, Players, Dentist, Mommies, Teachers, Bricklayers, Construction Workers, Garbage haulers, Janitors, Housekeepers, Retailers, Politicians, Musicians, Street Sweepers, Electricians, Professors etc., etc,. it's impossible!  For example I have a different way of seeing life than you do, and yet it's received by you or someone else, yet there are Writers worldwide, and we all have a take on something, yet for the person who hears me, I can't say it enough for that one!  It is to that One person that I'm speaking to that my inner self says "Abba!" to them and it resonates to help them get up, get moving and get on with winning in their life for themselves.  Look we can make excuses or make uses out of what is.  Why not make use of what we do have that's really of value so that you get to live the life you really deem of value for you.

My youngest again says to me "you know mom what one deems as "Made It" may be different for another person than what others think it should be!"  I agreed with him and went further to share that what Success is and what Societies standards of "Made It" is measured by the parameters within that circle, or scene, or in today's talk "Culture", as Success can only be measured by you, there are not parameters surrounding your definition of "Success" it's what you use to measure your time table of done, complete, happiness, and contentment by and only you know what those things are.  But on the other hand "Made It" is measured or can be by the peers and influence of their ideas of what is agreed upon by that Scene, Circle or Culture it's Subjective and subjected to ridicule, opinion, popular or not.  This thought is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be a measuring stick of where I am in the scheme of things.  Either way it's your life and you've got - remember 16/waking hours in it to do what you want, be it beneficial or wasteful it will show in the long run just how you spent it.

Our Creator/God has given each one of us the same advantages and privileges of life, *2) "For God causes it to shed Sun, Rain, Oxygen, Earth, on both the righteous & the unrighteous, the good and the bad" so no more excuses about why you can't do whatever it is that you've got in mind, no more that guy is lucky or looks better or knows more people than me.  As you know people whom you deem bad people yet they are super wealthy and healthy why them and not you?  Or how about people who are the nicest and sweetest and most honest and yet can't seem to catch a break, yet it seems they are plagued by every poverty, disease, and issue known to mankind.  So irregardless of whatever tool measure for "Made It" that one applies on human existence, all mankind like the latter have the same 16/waking hours at their disposal to do something different with their life if taken advantaged of.  We can't have it both ways - we thank God for our blessings, and blame God/Creator for what we don't have, He has equally given us all the same *3)"Seedtime & Harvest while the earth remains" to all mankind, we only need to diligently, with definite of purpose utilizing consistency even when we fail at it to do as Thomas Edison after 10,000 tries at the light or keep at it, even though it could be seen as failures he got back to the drawing board until we today See with and by Light!  So I'm asking what do you have in you that's worth 10,000 tries/failures at, what's in you that's worth your time to impact and empower another human with?  Begin today and don't delay!

*The Bible Scripture References *1) Acts 10:34, 34; *2) Genesis 8:22; *3) Matthew 45-47

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Take Care Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday if in the United States, and May the God and Creator who shines sun, rain and snow on all- Richly Bless & Reward your positive efforts at winning at your life not exclusive of others but inclusive to benefit both yourself and them.


JoA' Zuberi-Clark

Monday, October 21, 2013

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you're being most successful in your own life is have a positive conversation with yourself.  I say positive talk because so much of human behavior is reinforced during what I call the Round Table personal conversation with YOU, You, and U when no one else is present.  And based upon what you collectively come up with will determine the outcome of your reality. 

So I have this large 5x4 note sitting right in front of me on my file cubicles at my desk side by side to my monitor which reads "The Size of Your Success is Determined by the Beliefs Within YOU!"  For me that's my daily reminder, & mantra that empowers me to positively and effectively help Clients achieve their objectives.  See most of my clients although they come to me with their vision don't really believe it's possible for them to achieve it to the fullness by which they describe the life they'd like to have, and as a result they keep having this counterproductive talk with themselves and me.  When I hear them second guess what they really want I know they doubt based upon limited knowledge, and knowledge is POWER!  

Knowledge coupled with effective plans which are really overviews, outlines, and case scenarios, all changeable mind you to help you get from point A-B.  But these plans need time lines and or deadlines attached to them to draw a conclusion or focus to get to your Vision.  But this thinking will need to be supported by or teamed up with commitment, determination, strong desire, dedication and most important personal discipline!  Because if you're not disciplined with your plans it doesn't matter how determined, committed, or even dedicated you are - you wont see it to completion.  Because only the fuel of personal discipline coupled with why you're motivated to keep consistent direction or purposeful action in the direction of your vision will yield you the results you want.  In other words WHY do you want the outcome seen in your Vision.  WHY is it so important?  See your WHY or Reason provides you with the necessary information needed to fuel your belief- it's needed to sacrifice for.  YOUR WHY is the only Reason you'll ever do anything that's important to you, it's the reason you'll get more education to support your resolve, it's the motivation to help you Win at your life.

That's why I reinforce daily "The Size of Your Success is Determined by the Beliefs Within YOU!" I depend upon me and others depend upon me for their lives to run smoothly in the part that I play in it.  What about you?  What do you believe about what and WHY you want the life you say you want the one you always DREAM of?  The key word in my Mantra is Belief, it is powered by education, knowledge, & information- I believe based upon what I know will make my beliefs more solid and real to me, so when I don't have enough information I get educated to increase and expand my belief.  I believe that what I know can position me for success.  Now don't get me wrong in the course of journeying towards my vision even with all the best laid plans and best knowledge available sometimes the Timing is just off and if that's the case don't be dismayed put it aside for another opportunity.  Opportunities come often it's just most people aren't prepared, and LUCK to me is when Opportunity meets Preparedness at the right Time!

So today begin your preparation by getting enough correct information on what you want to do, on how you'd like to expand your life and live it winning vs losing at it.  Look if you understood or really appreciated that the most valuable commodity you have is your time, you wouldn't waste it, you'd spend this non refillable asset a little more carefully ensuring the most effective use of it, maximizing every opportunity you have with positive talk and energy to yourself and surrounding yourself with like energy to empower you to the next level of your Vision.

Today is a good day to Win at your life.  Our Designer & Creator made you to have success at whatever you put your hands to do.  For He states: "For I know the plans I have for you and they are of peace and prosperity for an expected end!"  Jeremiah 29:11-The Bible

Quit fighting with yourself, get on the winning team of YOU and see how your life can really be.

With Warm Regards


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

So today I'm challenging you to actually write down what you'd enjoy doing if money & time weren't the issue- what's the first thing that comes to your mind aside from doing nothing... okay!  I'm talking about the thing you talked about as a Teenager or you considered doing once you retired or if you won the lottery after you bought all the pants, shoes, dresses, purses, cars, toys, houses, boats, etc.., that maybe someone said: "people don't get paid to do that, or you really can't make money at that sweetie.. go think of something else; no- no not that- you can do anything in the world, but not that for a living!"  Write down what you really saw yourself doing before all the well intentioned nae Sayers who also abandoned their DREAMS for "Realities Unfulfilled"got involved, before all the financial calculations of this or that field not really being a good one to venture into at this time were considered.  Instead will you do me and yourself a favor and think of that thing which makes you sit back with your hands behind your head with both feet up crossed on the table or chair in front of you with the smile of pure satisfaction, that- "Man if they paid me to do that... wow would I jump at that right now and let this piece of s*#t go-- right now!"  That's what you write down and that's what you're Going to do.  I can say that now having lived over half a century and charting my course across the globe doing what the *#*! I wanna do- just because I'm seeing it and desiring to do so, and Authoring it... to mean giving it (my thoughts, my desires) life, fuel, energy within my personal universe to happen.  What do you have to lose by doing what you want that may give you the most satisfied fulfillment this side of sex!

See in your resolve which creates conflict you must be committed to win for you, for your life, you're expending the energy anyway you may as well get the benefit of it vs some disease for a miserable life of choices as the prize at the end of your story with a horrible last five or ten years to boot, really is that really how you saw your life turning out- so don't waste it!  Make the conflict the inconveniences the inner turmoil of "can I, should I, I'm not qualified, who am I to be thinking like this?"  Those are inner conflicts that you must resolve today- make that discomfort work for you not against you- don't give in to it by giving up, the reason we suffer from discomfort when something is uncomfortable is because your body in defense of you is saying "Hey we're not happy with this, that's not how we win-- what are you doing, that's not going to end well for us"  listen to yourself in this sense.  Look you have the same 24/hrs that Jack, Mary, Shelly, & Bill Gates have, it's just what are you willing to do with the 16 waking hours apart of that 24/hr life cycle to get what you want, not need, as want is a bigger motivator, needs once met will no longer provide the drive, the energy to fuel your DREAMS.  Make these steps purposeful and live your life on purpose vs off the cuff or by the seat of your pants.  Be committed to TEAM YOU!  Now it's not to sound selfish as you can successfully chart your course for your destiny and include those who you may be attached to where you both win inclusively.  People like winners, and when TEAM YOU is winning everyone achieves more together, you only need to clue them in on your vision once you know the point of destination.

I want you to be successful, so let me know how you're doing send me pics of your quest or vision, thoughts on how you'd like to get started and lets get busy doing it, you'd be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it, and you have someone cheering you on that YES YOU CAN!  Join the conversation and be in your life 2win!

With Warm Regards,


Your Creator says: "For I know the plans I have towards you and they are of peace, hope & prosperity for an expected end." Jeremiah 29:11 The Bible 
If a chair has a purpose in its design made by human hands how much more so you made by The Superior Being hands the Creator of the Universe... just thought I'd put that out there.

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